Our Story

It all started with a simple idea.

What if kids could learn to play music if we gave them instruments and access to youtube.

To test it, we went to Malabon, Philippines to do an experiment.

We picked 20 students from Malabon National High School, gave them 10 guitars and a laptop with video tutorials from justinguitar.com.

Then we left them alone...

How We Work

We provide instruments, computers & tutorial videos to public schools

Schools assign a teacher to manage the programme

Students commit to coaching each other

Teachers use our app to track when students practice

All sessions are tracked in real time

We operate in 22 schools

We Source Locally

We get guitars and ukuleles from Ferangeli Guitars in Cebu and cajons from Cajon de Manila

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About Us

Let's Play is set up as a personal fundraiser working in partnership with Booth & Partners. We work with public schools in the Philippines to give kids a chance to learn to play music. It is free for the schools and students to participate and 100% of all donations go towards instruments and equipment. All operational and admin costs are covered by the founder and partners.

If you have an old laptop or want to make a donation, please email kasperhansen@letsplay.asia

The Founder

'I am a man on a mission. A mission to share the gift of music with motivated young people who are willing to put in some effort.

I am also a dad on a mission. I want my sons to know that music is a gift, giving is fulfilling and that it is possible to bring your own ideas to life.'

Kasper Hansen

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Email: kasperhansen@letsplay.asia


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